In 2016, the water quality in the Monroe County town of Mount Pocono was abysmal. The residents of Mount Pocono had to boil their water before using it. The local news was showing brown bottles of water from residents' faucets. The foul-smelling water was persistently below the requirements of the Clean Water Act, and the town was fined by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in the amount of $250,000 for violating the state's Clean Water Act.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. The town was fined again in 2018 for a sum of $300,000 - this time for failing to properly treat the water.  The water has certainly improved since then, but situations like these can occur in any town or city at any time.

When a local water disaster such as this occurs, residents can feel powerless. No matter how many bottles of water you purchase to make your coffee in the morning, you will still watch your washing machine rust away and your pipes and appliances corrode before your eyes.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, there is a solution. A whole house filtration system is the best fix for systemic water problems such as those faced by the residents of Mt. Pocono in both 2016 and 2018.

There are a number of other solutions available for those who just want localized filtration, such as at the faucet which may be more logical or beneficial for most of our customers. But for peace of mind, or to combat a major problem from the town water system, a whole house filtration system is your best defense.

Call Spring Rain Inc, today for a quote on a whole house filtration system, or a more localized filter. Life runs on water. Let's make sure that the water is clean.

If you have well water, a filtration system can remove contaminants like bacteria and sediment that can cause water-borne illnesses.

And if you're on a private septic system, filtered water can help reduce the number of solids that end up in your leach field, prolonging its life.

If any of these scenarios sound like your situation, then a whole house filtration system might be a good investment for you. Be sure to talk to a professional at Spring Rain Inc, about which type of system would work best for your home and needs.